Accessing Crisis Services

If you are having a behavioral health crisis, please call CenterPoint Customer Services:

1-888-581-9988, or  


(TTY for persons with hearing impairments)

CenterPoint Customer Services is available to assist you 24 hours-per-day, 365 days-per-year. CenterPoint manages a variety of services to help with mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and/or substance abuse needs. Some crisis services can be delivered in your home or community.  When you phone CenterPoint, the clinician answering your call will work with you to identify options for resolving your crisis.

If you currently receive services, your assigned “first responder” should be available to help you resolve your crisis. Your service provider should have provided contact information for the “first responder” when your services began, and they should be part of your Person-Centered Plan. If you are unable to find the first responder’s numbers, call CenterPoint Customer Services for assitistance.

If you are not currently receiving services, call CenterPoint Customer Services for help in accessing crisis care.

Crisis Response Network 7/29/13