CenterPoint Assistance Programs

Patient Assistance Program

CenterPoint actively works to offset medication prescription costs through the Patient Assistance Program (PAP) by offering free and/or reduced medications to persons in need. In partnership with the Forsyth County Pharmacy, staff work together with patients to fill prescriptions on a daily basis. The pharmacy is located at 725 North Highland Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. This program utilizes free medication samples from pharmaceutical representatives and calls upon medication assistance programs offered by most major pharmaceutical companies to stock approximately 30 medications. To receive free medications, persons must have a psychiatric diagnosis and received a prescription from a paneled psychiatrist. To qualify for assistance, persons must complete an assessment that verifies income and financial need. For more information about this program, call 336- 714-9100 or email

Flex Funds

CenterPoint manages and disperses Flex funds to support a wide range of needs which may emerge in the child and family team process. Flex funds are available to those who reside in Forsyth, Stokes, Davie and Rockingham Counties. Flex funds are intended to supplement informal/volunteer resources and to improve the family and community’s ability to meet their needs. However, these funds are not intended to provide ongoing financial support. For more information about Flex Funds, call 336-778-3501, or email

Download Flex Funds Guidelines

Download FLEX Funds Guidelines

Download Flex Funds Application

Download FLEX Funds Application in PDF Format


CenterPoint strives to find housing for persons who are displaced and/or are experiencing homeless. These efforts are supported through housing grants and partnerships with local housing agencies. Due to ongoing demand, many housing programs have placement waiting lists. You may find a list of housing possibilities below. For more information about housing, call 336-714-9100, or email

Download the Housing List

Download the Targeting Program