Recovery & Wellness

CenterPoint Human Services is committed to recovery and wellness. Below you will find helpfull links to websites that have information that can help.

Helpful Links

National Association of Peer Support Specialists

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Mental Health America

NC Consumer Mental Health Organization, Inc

The North Carolina Consumer Advocacy, Networking and Support Organization

NC State Consumer Family and Advisory Committee

NC Association of Peer Support Specialists

Peer Support Specialist jobs

What is a Peer Support Specialist?

Peer Support Specialists are people living in recovery with mental illness and / or substance abuse who provide support to others who can benefit from their lived experiences.

“As qualified individuals in recovery playing an active role in consumer services, Peer Support Specialists can create a more comfortable environment for an individual by sharing an honest understanding of a consumers’ feelings based on personal experience. Key to peer support contribution is the injection of hope, through a dialogue exchange with someone who has been down the same road, but who now demonstrates that recovery is possible.”

-Joe Kaiser, Peer Care Coordinator MH/SA
CenterPoint Human Services

How do I become a Peer Support Specialist?

North Carolina’s Peer Support Specialist Program