Forms & Applications

Various Provider Forms:

CenterPoint Provider Dispute Form

Provider Payment Form for Community-Based Services

Emergency Department Services (Out of Catchment) and/or In-Patient Services (Out of Catchment AND Out of Network) Provider Enrollment/Medicaid Reimbursement Form

Fax Request to Use CenterPoint NPI

LOCUS Worksheet

CALOCUS worksheet

I/DD Registry of Unmet Needs Referral Form

Murdoch Center Application

LOC Determination Form

LOC Medical Assessment

Universal Residential Treatment Application

Involuntary Commitment Forms:

DMH 5-72-09 Form-Necessity for Involuntary Commitment

Involuntary Commitment

Emergency Certificate

Invol Comm Petition Form

Invol Eval Form

Custody Order Form


Consumer Request for Access to Medical Record

Release of Information From Medical Record

Worksheet for Requesting Exceptions To The Diversion Law (SB 859)

Provider Medicaid Enrollment:

Enrollment Information


Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization

CenterPoint – Trading Partner Agreement

APSM Manuals

Division Manuals & Forms

Change of Address Form

Workers Compensation Insurance and Automobile Insurance Affidavit

W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form

Provider Monitoring

Routine Monitoring Tool for Providers

LIP Routine Monitoring Tool

Plans of Correction

POC Policy

POC Template

State Regulations

Rules for Facilities and Services (APSM 30)-1

Confidentiality Rules (APSM 45-1)

Client Rights

Records Management and Documentation Manual(APSM 45-2)

Service Definitions

Enhanced MH/SA services (Clinical Coverage policy 8A)

IPRS (State Funded) services

Outpatient Behavioral Health services (Clinical Coverage Policy 8C)

Residential Treatment Services (Clinical Coverage Policy 8D-2)

Innovations (Clinical Coverage Policy 8P)

Innovations Quarterly Progress Report Instructions

Incident Reporting

IRIS (Incident Response Improvement System)

IRIS Technical Manual

Incident and Death Response System Manual 

Provider Quarterly Incident Report (QM 11)