Provider Network

This section of CenterPoint’s website offers information that is of interest to members of our existing Provider Network as well as providers who are interested in contracting with us to provide mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities or substance abuse services. Visit this page frequently for updated notifications and announcements.

Effective November 1, 2014, CenterPoint has delegated initial and re-credentialing functions to Smoky Mountain Center (SMC).  Training sessions were held in person/via webcast and the Power Point presentation of the training has been posted on SMC’s website HERE.

SMC has created a separate webpage titled Western Region Partnership Credentialing. This website contains links to all forms and instructions related to all credentialing processes.

Agencies wishing to credential newly hired staff will have the individual submit the regionalized Credentialing Initiation Form (CIF) and all supporting documentation to SMC via the WRP website.

Currently credentialed and contracted providers for CenterPoint wishing to add sites/services must submit the Provider Network Change Form for Network approval before the credentialing process for the requested additional sites and/or service. Please note that the Provider Change form can be used for other purposes as well.

Provider Nomination Form
Providers wishing to pursue contracting with CenterPoint, including solo and group outpatient practitioners, agencies and hospitals, complete the Provider Network Nomination Form. If approved by CenterPoint’s Network Management department, SMC will provide access to the appropriate credentialing forms.

Network Change Form
If you have any questions regarding these processes, please contact SMC at or call (855) 432-9139.

Provider Resources

Stakeholder Summit Hosted by NC Council

The North Carolina Council of Community Programs hosted a Stakeholder Summit in June to address ways to resolve system issues. Approximately 75 stakeholders representing LME/MCOs, providers, advocates, consumers and state agencies participated. The outcome was the establishment of a joint Steering Committee and two subcommittees to address the critical areas of IT and Business Processes. While statewide consistency across LME/MCO functions is a goal, certain processes at the local LME/MCO level may not be standardized, but will allow each LME/MCOs to effectively manage the financial risk associated with Waiver operation.


Archived Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee Business Practices Subcommittee IT Subcommittee