Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®)

North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is improving the system of services offered to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®)

  • Create a more equitable system
  • Use resources efficiently and effectively
  • Make sure people get the right support for their needs

The first step in implementing Innovations Plus is to:

  • Use an objective assessment called the Supports Intensity Scale®(SIS®)
  • Find out about the support needs of people with intellectual and /or developmental disabilities participating in the North Carolina Innovations Waiver.

What makes the Supports Intensity Scale® unique and why is North Carolina using it?

  • SIS® is a comprehensive, standardized, reliable and valid support needs assessment
  • It is positive and supports oriented, rather than deficit oriented
  • SIS®uses a small group interview to fully involve individuals and other respondents and to consider the supports needed to meet individual needs and promote personal growth
  • It helps us to better understand the supports needed by someone to have an “Everyday Life”
  • It enhances the person centered planning process, but does not replace it
  • It will replace the NC SNAP for all individuals on the Innovations Waiver (formerly CAP recipients)
  • SIS® gives solid information about support needs that can be used to make a reliable collective comparison of consumers’ needs across the state
  • It will collect data to begin planning for a systematic process for determining distribution of funding based on intensity of need

What it is NOT:

  • It is NOT a test, there are no right or wrong answers, just honest ones
  • It is NOT a diagnostic evaluation or psychological evaluation
  • It does NOT provide a diagnosis or determination of medical necessity

Helpful Video:

Please follow this link to view an informative (10 minute) video from a consumer’s perspective of what the SIS® does: Preparing for your SIS® evaluation.

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